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The Jack Morenberg foundation sees the importance of giving our future community  leaders and protectors support and every opportunity to succeed.  Police, fire and military explorers are youth who have an interest in public service. They preform ride alongs, volunteer duties, work community events and Participate in scenario-based competitions using skills they learned towards their future careers.

Stronger Future Together

 Unfortunately, due to strained city or county budgets, often these youth are required to purchase their own uniforms equipment and cover any or all travel expenses. 

You can help with a donation that will go directly towards helping these future heroes with expenses such as college tuition training and equipment.

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You can make a difference for the future of your community with a tax deductible donation today!  100% of your donation will go directly towards improving youth police, fire and military programs as well as scholarship funds for those youth that exemplify character, integrity, and service before self.

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Your tax deductible donation will enable us to meet our goals and support our mission. 

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